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Leveling the playing field in the fight against SUDEP and Epilepsy

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Fund Activities

In January of 2009, we established the Emma Bursick Memorial Fund (EBMF). The mission of the EBMF is to promote public awareness about epilepsy and SUDEP, and to promote and support research into the cause and prevention of SUDEP. At the time of Emma’s death, SUDEP was asserted to be a rare occurrence. In the years since her death, SUDEP is now recognized internationally as “the leading cause of death in persons with chronic uncontrolled epilepsy” (Tomson, et al. 2008). 

The EBMF currently supports the following:

  • Support of SUDEP research.  The EBMF has made several donations of support to researchers who are conducting groundbreaking investigation into the cause of SUDEP. Our first research grant was a contributing factor to the project's subsequent ability to secure a $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health.
  • Funding support of emergency medication assistance programs.
  • Community outreach via provision of free presentations and seminars regarding the health risks of epilepsy and ways that patients and families can reduce those risks.
  • Trainings to health care providers and professional organizations.
  • Grants for Seizure Detection monitors to surrounding communities.
  • Coordination with organizations sharing our vision of a world without SUDEP (The SUDEP Institute, North American SUDEP Registry (NASR) and STOP SUDEP Research Program). 

The good news…we are not alone. The fight against SUDEP has gained significant momentum. Thanks to the efforts of so many, the veil is slowly being lifted. We believe that together, if we all continue to “do something”, we will discover the cause of SUDEP and be able to prevent it in our lifetime.

We are forever grateful for the gift of our Emma. We are forever humbled by the kindness of those who support her legacy.